Message from Grenada High Commissioner

| May 15, 2020

Dear Nationals,

I trust that everyone continues to be well, and safe.

I am just checking in. It’s been two weeks since our National Associations Meeting so I wanted to find out how everything’s going. 

We have not received any reports of anyone passing since we last communicated, so I hope this means that we have not lost anyone else to this deadly virus. 
Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with families and friends of those we lost and to those inflicted with the virus, we pray for your speedy and full recovery. 

I encourage you again to inform us of anyone you know who might have passed, or anyone who might have been stranded here in UK, but lives in Grenada,  and is going through a tough time.

We’d like to be able to reach out in support.

Hon. H.C Kisha Grant
High Commissioner. Photo courtesy YOUTUBE

I have heard from several stranded students since the onset of this crisis and I continue to work with Grenada to explore all options, should there be an opportunity for their relief.

If you know of anyone we missed and should reach out to, please inform.

We understand the anxieties of this difficulty time on everyone, and again, I ask that we reach out to each other, as much as possible and lend a hand.

We continue to be available to you. Please encourage anyone out there who hasn’t as yet, to register with us, so that we can be aware of their situation and offer advice and updates.

Please note that the immigration office in Grenada has reopened this week, so we will work to facilitate consular services and requests as they come.

Please remember that although services are activated, there might be delays given the fluidity of the situation, so please be patient.

We will continue to be responsive to your concerns and requests.

The airport in Grenada is still closed to incoming  passenger traffic, but the Prime Minister has indicated that they are working together on a regional level, to tentatively open the airport in June.  He cautioned that they will be guided by the science so nothing is set in stone.

He also addressed all of us in the Diaspora, extending his best wishes, and informing us that they are open to receiving any national who can make his/ her own way home, provided Grenada has the capacity to mandatorily quarantine them for 14 days upon landing.

As you’d appreciate, Grenada faces the very real issue of its international source markets. Most of our visitors come from London, NY and Toronto. Two of those cities have among the highest concentrations of the virus in the world so anyone going to Grenada whenever flights are available, must undergo quarantine, in order for Grenada to be able to manage this virus.

It is a very difficult situation and I assure that the Government is in constant communication, to ascertain all possibilities and to make the best decisions possible, given the information they have at the time.

I remind of our Disaster Relief Fund. I hope we have all managed to get the word out amongst the Grenadian community. I look forward to us making whatever little difference we can in our Homeland’s struggle to contain this disease and address the economic fallout that is inherent and already visible.

As always, I wish you my very best and I continue to urge you to practice all the measures that are designed for our collective safety, as we adjust our lifestyles in this new normal.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Best regards,

Kisha Grant
High Commissioner 

Grenada High Commission
The Chapel, Archel Road
West Kensington
London  W12 9QH
Tel: 020 7385 4415

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