My Favourite Jamaican Hunks

| April 16, 2012

Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe


Almost every female has that one male celebrity that they’re crazy for.  Every time they see that celebrity come on the television they get all excited and if they should ever meet that celebrity it’s all over.  For most females, there is just that one celebrity that melts their hearts.  For this female there are at least five celebrities that I find oh so irresistible and they are:



Asafa Powell:  Now I have been in love with this dude, from the first time I saw him running on my television.  I just cannot keep my eyes from below his waist when he is running and I have heard a lot of women testifying to that as well, so don’t judge.  From the crown of his head to his feet, I just love all that I see.  Well that is maybe a bit too much, as I have never seen the sole of him feet, but you get what I mean.



Shaggy:  I know beautiful is not an adjective used to describe a male but I will make an exception this once and say that this man is just beautiful, inside and out.  If God does not like ugly, he must really love Shaggy




Konshens:  I just find Konshens sweet and he is just one of those persons who can do no wrong for me.




Agent Sasko:  All I have to say here is six pac and big chest.  Yes I like them with some firm meat on their bones.





Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley:  Firstly let me just say that Damian Marley looks a lot like white Jesus, which I find ironic.  And this does not indicate that I have a crush on white Jesus by the way   (laughs out loud).  Anyway, moving on; His daddy is Bob Marley and his mother is a former Miss World so no surprises there.


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