“No election until Labour assured of victory”…says Douglas

| January 29, 2014

Caribbean news. PRIME MINISTER and Leader of the ruling St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, the Rt. Hon. R. Denzil L. Douglas emphatically stated that he would not be calling elections until he is assured of his party’s victory.

We are pleased with the support you have given us over the last year in particular and for the last four years, and for the last 19 years that we have been in government. We are here to do your work. We said we will work for you. Nobody, nothing can prevent us from working for you. “And when those who no longer wanted to work for you, those who had taken bribes to become PAM and they no longer wanted to work for you, we have found people who will work for you. Men, young dynamic men, who have come about as a result of Labour’s Springtime and are now ready to serve and work for you. I ain’t gon call no election until I know every single one of them going win!”

PM Douglas Labour 4-4

Dr. Douglas made this pronouncement, among others, on Saturday 25 January 2014  before a massive crowd of supporters on Port Zante in celebration of the Labour Party’s fourth anniversary of re-election and its fourth term in office.

Also in his address, Dr. Douglas told the cheering crowd that the Labour Party’s four consecutive victories at the polls were made possible by God, while apparently targeting two of his former Senior Ministers who now sit on the Opposition Benches.

Tonight we have the celebration on the fourth year of the fourth term in office. God has been good to us. Because, you see, we could not do this alone. You knew where we were one year ago. One year ago when those vagabonds, those traitors…you know where we were one year ago…only God could have kept us to today.”

He called on supporters to rally behind the party’s candidates in the eight constituencies and for parents to register their children who have acquired the age to vote.

“…That is why I say it is you who are keeping back the elections, because you need to do much more work. We are working for you, but what about you working for yourself? You got to register your children…every single one of them. Who is not registered must be registered. “Those of you, who have particular talents and want to serve and work with your team in your constituency, let the candidates know that you are ready to serve. Volunteer, co-op on behalf of your candidates and your constituents. We have to make sure that in every nook and cranny Labour is there. Labour’s voice must be heard, Labour’s feet must be standing strong. And as I keep saying to you night after night before…talk first, talk hard, talk long and talk again, because no matter where you go Labour must be heard and must be felt in this country.”

The Prime Minister declared that there would be no future government in the Federation unless the Labour Party is part of it.  “Tell them Douglas say in Port Zante on Saturday night the 25th of January that there shall be no government without Labour here in St. Kitts and Nevis.

He also declared that the people of sister isle Nevis would be part of the victory.

“I want to say to the people of Nevis…we nah leave you all out. We nah leave Nevis out! We nah leave Nevis out of this at all! Nevis is going to be part of this. Tell them Douglas say Nevis is part of this victory. So those who have ears to hear, they better damn well hear; and those who have eyes to see, they better damn well see Nevis going to be part of this.”

Questioning the Labour Party supporters’ readiness, Dr. Douglas asked: “Are you ready? You ready? You ready?” To which a boisterous and enthusiastic responded in the positive.

He told the gathering that the Labour Party is ready and stronger, “but we going make them wait until Labour say, ‘we will call it’. Because, you see, Labour must win!  Labour must win!  Because Labour large and Labour in charge”.

Courtesy: Stanford Conway, SKNVibes.com

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