No Wedding Ring? No Chance!

| November 30, 2011

Staff writer - Nyasha Watson

In last week’s column, I showed how married men had been deceived by younger women. Now it is time to flip the script. One of the most attractive qualities in a married man to some women is the fact that they don’t know that they are married. You might be a bit confused by my last sentence, let me explain.


In some instances when married men want to have an extra-marital affair, they don’t tell their potential partner that they are married. Thus they present themselves to be this unattached prince charming. And in some instances they make marriage promises knowing that they can’t fulfill these promises.

Their true identity is sometimes never revealed or revealed only when it is too late. I mean the man only stays at the woman’s apartment and when it is time to go to his apartment he always has an excuse as to why it would not be convenient for her to come to his home.

This is the first and most telling sign that he is hiding something at his home. So be warned, if you are involved with someone and it is never convenient for you to go to their home; insist and if that does not work give them an ultimatum.

A safe bet...?

I have heard of an instance where the man actually forms another family outside of his marriage. And the lady only found out that the man was married when her son and his half brother met at school and formed a friendship. Then they found out that they shared the same father and then well all was revealed.

Therefore, the issue where married men don’t tell their partner that they are married is indeed a complicated and problematic one. This is they are misrepresenting themselves and this is the root problem of many extramarital affairs.

In essence the lady will only be getting a stolen good; it must be returned to the correct owner. And this is when a lot of heartache comes about. Thus I will conclude my series on extra-marital affairs by asking; is it right to play with someone’s emotion for one’s personal gratification? Is it worth it?

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