Perfect Relationship between Ghana (Africa), Caribbean

| July 19, 2011

Ghana’s relationship with the Caribbean dates back over 400 years ago through the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade when Sub- Sahara Africans were under duress deracinated (uprooted) from their homeland.

Millions of able men and women left the shores as some died on the way through thirst and starvation, others killed or maimed and beautiful ones raped or became sex “machines” for their masters.

There are many Caribbeans` who traced their roots from West Africa hence they are kinsmen to Ghanaians and Africans, in general.

In 1964, the Ghana Caribbean Association was founded in Accra to help forge closer links between Ghana and the Caribbean.

To strengthen the relations of Africa and the Caribbean, the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group Of States (ACP)  was established by the Georgetown Agreement in 1975, with the aim to create sustainable development and poverty reduction within its member states, as well as their  integration into the world`s economy.

There are many Caribbeans` from the Diaspora who had returned back to their ancestral roots in Africa to bring their vast experience and skills to complement the effort of development and also to offer themselves to renew their bonds with their African counterparts.

Some Caribbeans`s continue to assist with charities and foundations to help the needy and vulnerable in the society. Also, some of them have been enstooled as Progressive Chiefs (Nkosuohene) in many places due to their benevolence notable among them is Rita Marley (Queen) at the Akuapem area in Ghana.


Ghana`s commitment to emancipation made her become the first African country to join the celebration in 1998, which has reaffirmed the country`s status as the gateway to the homeland of Africans in the Diaspora.

The country touting herself as the gateway to Africa is based on the fact that it was a major exit point for slaves on the West Coast during the days of slavery.

To reaffirm Ghana`s strong bond of commitment with the Diasporas, in 2007, the first Africa Diaspora Forum Mission was inaugurated, with a call on Africans and Diasporas to forge for mutual benefits and to rebuild the continent.

Ideally, it’s important for Ghana and Africans in general to put in proper measures devoid of bureaucracy and bottlenecks to intensify their links and build structures that would promote investment and commerce, health, education, science and technology, tourism and sports which would be a great vehicle for the continent’s development and largely the relationship with conscious Caribbeans.

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