Race and Religion in Relationships

| May 9, 2011

I am curious to know the responses to this blog after I have finished writing it. This blog examines the topics of couples. Couples that are of an interracial nature. In Trinidad and Tobago the two main racial groups are East Indian and African. Despite the movement away from the racial tension that existed 20 years ago, many in society frown upon interracial couples.

On campus you see many interracial couples, East Indian dating Africans, Whites dating Indians, Africans dating Chinese and so on.  Factors that account for this are, change in the mind set of the current generation. The current generation, with the influx of education and free thinking realize the colour of one’s skin does not matter. The other factor is either they do it just for the thrill or just for the sex. I personally know people that date members of different races just to feel the sensation of being with them. Some of them date outside their race just to experience what it’s like to have sex with a person outside of their race, just to verify a myth about that race.

Parents of the students that have relationships outside their race are not aware of this. Their children wish not to advise them, in fear they might not approve. Now, note this carefully, this point is in reference to the first point I made earlier about students that are open minded and do care about the race of a person they fall in love with. It the mind set of the parents that lead these students, or members of society in general to be fearful of revealing the race of the person they are in a relationship with. In most cases family relations between the parents and students are severed and children are kicked out of the house or disowned. Now this is not just specific to Trinidad, as I am sure this happens across the globe.

In addition, the above points are about race. What about religion? I personally know someone, whose girlfriend is Christian and he is Hindu.  The parents of the guy (my friend) are absolutely fine about them dating. However, the parents of the girl, are not so approving. Now my point is, does it matter what your religion is when you pick someone to have a relationship with?

A matter of difference in religious teachings and practices can create conflict in the relationship. Of course this only comes about if the couple chooses to talk about religion.  The question of ‘What if they get married and have kids, what religion will the children follow? Having the children follow two different religions is very confusing, and having one parent’s religion being suppressed and one being dominant can lead to conflict.


In Trinidad if you marry a person from the Islamic Faith and you are not of that faith, you must convert to it. The same applies to Catholicism and Christianity. Is this right?

So now that I have made my various points:

What do think about them?

Do you agree or disagree with interracial couples?

Do you consent or disapprove of members of different religions that date?

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