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| October 28, 2017

I recently attended the Revolve Conference in Charleston, SC. The conference is billed: “Where design and creativity meets marketing and strategy. If you’re building a business, brand, product or service – this event is for you! It’s an opportunity to learn from platform-changing thinkers and disruptive innovators through practical sessions based on the challenges you face today.”

I attended many of the carefully curated sessions and it was evident that every presenter had taken the time to prepare specifically for their audience and ensured their brief was  met.

Presentations had appealing names, e.g.: Stop Generating Leads, Start Driving Demand for Anything You’ll Ever Sell, Caroline Nuttall. Suits vs Creatives: Battleground to Higher Ground, Cami Travis-Groves. How to Increase Sales By Just Being You, Ben Fanning. How to Cheat: Creative Domination Through Villainy, Stefan Mumaw.

The audience were entrepreneurs, partners and employees from many sectors. I met many interesting people; a seller of machinery that assists farmers, personal shopper, author, accountant, graphic designers and video producers. Participants were able to ask specific questions based on their daily challenges and discuss areas where they could expand. Presenters exchanged contact information and consulted with anyone who asked, over coffees, lunch and roof-top drinks.

Sessions were interactive – I even took part in the first Revolve Conference Wave, (thanks Ben). Presentations were on time and throughout the conference there were interesting and engaging ways of receiving feedback and being rewarded for it.

Much thought was put into the conference to ensure participants got what they paid for and enjoyed it along the way. I was given professional direction from Pixr-It with a free picture to suit my profile on social media platforms and the best goody bag I’ve ever received as I can use everything in it and I will. I greatly enjoyed one of Grey Ghost Bakery’s Chocolate Cayenne cookies and will exercise “ti-bouche” on the second one. Appreciation Palmers, for the range of Cocoa Butter products! Today, I’m placing my orders.

The Charleston Marriott provided excellent service and menu. Breakfast and lunch every day with healthy choices which you could take into the conference room with you relaxed the professional setup. A few of my new network colleagues discussed how the southern mac n cheese and peach cobbler were worth the extra half hour of exercise we’d all be doing for the double helpings we couldn’t resist.

Karl Hudson Phillips, from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, founded Revolve in 2015 and with his team, have created a winning formula where needs are met and creativity, adventure, outcome and solutions, can actively be explored and actioned with new networks and businesses.

More pictures from the conference can be seen on next week at – Escapades. In the meantime visit – It may entice you to visit Revolve 2018 in Charleston, voted the USA’s No.1 City and the World, (Travel & Leisure 2017). The city is also home to The Colour of Music Black Classical Musicians Festival, which is held the week prior.

Photo top: Zheng Chia Photo mid & bottom: Will McCulloch

Karl Hudson Phillips, founder (Standing top) Participant Evolve Conference Jamal Collins, Presenter Design for Social Change

Photo top& bottom: Will McCulloch
Photo mid: Zheng Chia


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