Sale of Property in Jamaica

| November 22, 2013
Dolores Rice, Notary Public

Dolores Rice, Notary Public

In business news. Recently a couple made an appointment to see me as they were selling their property in Jamaica and had received a Transfer of Land document together with a copy of the same document from their lawyer in Jamaica.

The Transfer of Land document contained a description of the land, details of the sellers, the buyers and the purchase price.

The lawyer in Jamaica had asked them to contact a Notary Public in order to sign the documents in the presence of the Notary. By signing the documents in the presence of a Notary, the lawyer could rest assured that the signatures of the sellers were genuine.

When the couple came to see me I asked to see their passports and proofs of address in order to check their identity. I read the Transfer of Land documents to ensure it was correct and when I was sure it was accurate, I asked the sellers to sign the documents in my presence, I witnessed their signatures and added my official seal to the documents.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

The sellers then sent the notarised Transfer of Land documents back to their lawyer in Jamaica. The solicitor and the Land Registar in Jamaica knew that the signatures of the sellers were genuine as they had been witnessed by me and the document bore my official notarial seal. Therefore, the sale could proceed and the sellers received the sale monies.

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