Searching for Love in the right places

| February 10, 2014
Olive Guillais-Lazure

Olive Guillais-Lazure

Community news. As we approach Valentine’s Day, we are forever being reminded that the 14th February is a significant day for the validation of love particularly in our relationships.   If Valentine’s Day is only used to confirm and establish the truthfulness, or solidity of LOVE in your relationship, then you have been searching for LOVE, in the wrong place (s).  Searching for LOVE in others, whilst overlooking it in yourself.

Can another provide you the LOVE that you want or need in a relationship?

Though, what relationships can do is, to help you to distinguish the LOVE that is inherent in you.  Making someone feel special and valued as a person, or that his or her ideas are worthwhile, is in part, a characteristic of LOVE.  This can be demonstrated within any relationship, be it with spouse, family, children and even friends.  We do not have to wait for 14th February to demonstrate this.  This can be demonstrated regularly whenever we feel it ~ express it.

In doing so, makes either the GIVER or the RECEIVER feel something clearly different, special, and exciting ~ LOVE.

Special person

We are fortunately able to identify whether or not the LOVE, that somebody demonstrates, is something of either material, or intangible value.

Happy Valentine’s

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