Smooth Jamaican entrepreneur pleases women with best selling book

| December 28, 2012

It is a known fact that Caribbean nationals are capable of conveying interesting and compelling stories through books for international consumption. Such works as A House for Mr. Biswas by award winning writer, VS Naipaul from Trinidad and Tobago; Ma William and Her Circle of Friends written by Giftus John of Dominica; and Omerus written by award winning Derek Alton Walcott from Saint Lucia, who earned the Nobel Prize for Literature for this book, are but a few notable Caribbean writers.


British Jamaican JC Johnson, a charismatic, highly confident and focused life coach has joined the ranks of Caribbean writers but with a British slant.

Born in London in the 70’s to a misogynist father, JC lead an early life not dissimilar to most young boys growing up in England except for having been expelled from school and serving a short six year stretch in confinement at Her Majesty’s Pleasure as a teenager.  This period of imprisonment at Borstal Prison, regarded as a critical turning point in JC’s life was well documented by such sources as the BBC, CNN and high profile Journalists across the world.

His life Journey has since been described as unbelievable and the perfect backdrop for his controversial book ‘Woman Vs Womaniser, This is the Book That men do Not Want Women to Read’.

shaken not stirred

Woman vs. Womaniser

Summary: Good-looking, charming, intuitive urban youth blags his way into woman’s lives to survive away from his intolerable family life.   Has hundreds of lovers. Having no scruples or mature intelligence, he ends up inside Borstal and a stretch in prison. A bit of a loner but hangs out with a few mates and goes from one episode of thrill seeking to another, just staying outside serious crime trying to score the perfect woman and situation.

An extremely hectic, paranoid existence over a period of 10 years. Falls in love/lust a couple of times, has a couple of children before really getting jerked around by his “true love”. Business deals and hard work go wrong and he learns to look closely at his anger. Period of huge regret and revolution in attitude…Becomes a coach.

Perhaps best known for his very unique writing style that has a remarkable way of forcing the reader to see things through his eyes, JC Johnson can even be regarded as the story teller’s story teller – you just cannot put down his book.

CaribDirect sat with JC to discuss the book “Woman Vs Womaniser…” and learnt a lot about this unassuming but very forthright individual. JC confesses that his eventful life journey and a particular life changing experience caused him to embrace certain virtues such as compassion, integrity and empathy, which enables him to see through the eyes of others.


Publicist Shereen Boucher and JC Johnson at Miss Jamaica UK Pageant 2012

When asked about the reason for writing a book which appears to betray men he says calmly, ‘Unfortunately for men I have a deep desire…it takes a self sacrificing man to tell the truth about how men relate to women and what they’re about.’

JC made the point that Karma plays a very important role in our lives and the only way to get out of bad Karma is to turn it into a positive or a benefit for others’.

Men generally don’t think of how their actions (good or bad) affect women so his book JC says is designed to correct the bad Karma created by some men while at the same time enlightening women of the possible pitfalls should they not take their time and look for certain behavioural signs.

Another important turning point for JC, the event that caused him to seriously look at his relationships and commit himself to writing for the benefit of women was him falling in love and being left with a broken heart.

This and a spiritual event he would not disclose was the trigger that turned this worldly man into a crusader for the protection of women. He says it’s a numerology experience he’d rather not discuss…

In response to how both men and women take the idea of the book, JC said, ‘well there have been some women who have bought the book for their partners to highlight certain behaviour patterns and the men would generally react by asking me why I would take the side of the women which puts pressure on them…So the women’s view on the book is generally positive with a few claiming JC described their man down to a ‘T’…while the men’s response was negative.

The book which was started some ten years ago has become part of JC’s main activities which include speaking engagements, coaching and mentoring, activities that keep him busy on a daily basis. Its relative success at the stores is due in large part to his openness and refusal to hold back. Women readers are amazed at his level of disclosure and detail, and claim it’s a must read for all women!

JC attributes his extensive travel, having visited and lived in over 50 different countries around the world and his understanding of the human psyche that has made Woman vs. Womaniser so popular.

He regards dealing with the publishers as the single most challenging aspect of the production of the book as they were hell bent on having him write the book according to conventional writing styles which JC felt would not work. He insisted on his character coming through strongly which they agreed to in the end and he’s convinced this insistence has made the book a hit.

With JC’s chequered background, commitment to showing vulnerable women the path to relationship security; and courage to resist the ranting and ravings of aggrieved man folk, it’s no wonder the public find his life Journey unbelievable.

JC Johnson: Author / Writer / Relationship Coach / Speaker


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