St Kitts & Nevis Insulin Supplies

| October 6, 2018


St Kitts & Nevis, October 3, 2018:

The Ministry of Health wishes to advise the general public, and particularly persons with Diabetes Mellitus, that the local hospitals and public pharmacies are adequately stocked with the usual insulin formulations. The Ministry of Health wants to confirm that the Central Medical Stores has adequate stock of the usual fast-acting, intermediate-acting, and long–acting insulin formulations. The Ministry further reassures the general public that the present batches of insulin in stock have adequate shelf lives based on the expiration dates noted on the packages.

There is inaccurate information circulating in the media regarding a stock-out or non-availability of insulin on island. The inaccurate information also alleges that patients’ prescriptions are being filled with expired insulin. This information is not only false but is also deliberately misleading.

The Ministry of Health wants to underscore that our insulin stock is NOT exhausted, and that all persons with Diabetes who are maintained on insulin are presently able to access usual treatment.

One of the priorities of the Ministry of Health is that of ensuring that all persons with Diabetes have access to all medication, including insulin. Diabetes is a Chronic Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) and the Ministry of Health is committed in its fight against this and other common illnesses.


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