St Lucian Sculptor Making Waves Internationally

| November 28, 2016


St Lucian sculptor Jallim Eudovic will soon feature his work at the Miami Art Basel as part of his international showings for 2016.

St Lucian sculptor Jallim Eudovic has been a popular face in art galleries around the world in recent times. Jallim returned to the island recently from London, where he participated in an ongoing exhibition that is being hosted by the Zari Gallery. He will soon head to Miami where he will showcase his work at a show entitled ‘The Art of Black’. This week, the STAR sat down with Jallim who shared with us the root of his inspiration, and his plans for the future.

How long have you been a sculptor, and what do you love about it?

Jallim: I’ve dabbled in the full gamut of creativity as far back as memory allows but vacillating more intensely between sculpture and sketch/painting. However, sculpting proved to be my first love because I liked the way it engaged more of the senses and involved the manipulation of form and presented itself in real three dimensional, tactile, space. Being a three dimensional being myself that has always and still appeals to me immensely.

How did you learn to sculpt? Did the art come naturally to you?

Jallim: It helped that my father (Vincent Eudovic) was an acclaimed sculptor who poured knowledge into anyone who was seriously intent on learning, but I think that I’ve always had a natural calling to create. I have very early memories of striving to elevate my drawings beyond the stick figures of my peers. Perhaps it was in the blood, but it took a lot of commitment and dedication to develop.

How have your skills changed or improved over the years?

Jallim: Leaps and bounds in my technical approach. I’ve increasingly become a mixed media artist and have seen myself working confidently with materials that I once could only dream of. My style has become very contemporary. I’ve evolved philosophically and have also adopted a more trenchant narrative.

Where have you last exhibited?

Jallim: I’m currently showing solo at the Zari Gallery in London and the exhibition is still ongoing and will be until the end of December. The exhibition is called “Kaiso” and features sculptures from my latest BLOCKS collection. This is a huge deal for me because I’ve entered the mainstream European art market and have been receiving phenomenal exposure and very good reviews from art aficionados, prominent collectors and the like. It’s been a marvelous experience that has increased my network, brand and value in the world’s second largest art market, the first being New York.

What are some of the upcoming things happening for you in the near future?

Jallim: I’m on my way to the Miami Art Basel, where I will be exhibiting in a show called The Art of Black. I will also be representing the Caribbean on a contemporary art Panel discussion whilst there. The Miami Art Basel is the world’s most prominent art fair and attracts celebrities, art enthusiasts and collectors from across the globe. It has always been a dream of mine to be selected to exhibit there one day. I’ve also been selected by a very well established art gallery in Chelsea, New York, 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, for an exhibition entitled “Post Colonial” showing in late spring 2017. There I will be showing another segment of my BLOCKS collection.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learnt so far on your journey? 

Jallim: I’ll share two! Having the right attitude is more important than one’s aptitude because strong connections are made on a very personal and spiritual level. Most successful people out there made it through sheer determination, blood and sweat and they recognize and connect to likeminded people. Qualifications alone will only get you so far. Secondly, self -determination and self-actualization is key, knowing who you are and your limitless potential. Like James Allen once said, the world steps aside for the man (or woman) who knows where they’re going.

What are some other exciting things happening with you?

Jallim: I’m also working on a jewelry project in collaboration with famed UK medal and jewelry maker Worcestershire Medal service. This is a spin off from the royal wedding gift I made for the wedding of prince William and duchess Kate back in 2012, which caught the eye of the queen’s main medal maker, it has since blossomed into a beautiful partnership between his company and myself. We will be introducing our first product for sale in St. Lucia in the first quarter of next year and will make substantial donations to a local charity that we’ve both selected.

Advice for fellow artisans following their passion?

Jallim: Stay the course. It takes time to develop anything that’s going to pay off and art is no different. It’s a wonderful vocation but if you’re going to make art your business then you got to treat it like one and be professional about it. The art world is extremely multi-tiered and multi-faceted so it pays to know on which level you want to succeed and doing what. Knowledge of your market is key. Your outlook should be global if you truly want to make an impact, don’t limit yourself to what obtains locally, we exist in a global community and have all that is required to succeed there, matters not our size.

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