| February 13, 2012

December 2011 saw the birth of the long awaited Starlywood talent promotion concept. The brainchild of CEO Richard Tchoutezo, Starlywood is about bringing out the star in young and talented people around the world while helping them to reach their true potential and live the life of their dreams.

Managed by a team of eminent showbiz professionals Starlywood is poised to be the next most talked about ‘talent factory’ in the United Kingdom and globally. The team comprises Richard Tchoutezo CEO, experienced Media and Showbiz Guru and International Businessman; Sama Ndango, Managing Director and award winning Star TV Presenter and Celebrity Life Coach; Christine Rugurika aka KAYISHA, Creative Director, Radio Presenter, Producer and Playwright; Justina Mutale, Director of Marketing and PR, is a multi-award winning, globe-trotting international PR & Business Intelligence Consultant; Theodora Ibekwe, Director of Sales, multi-award winning Actress, TV Presenter and Pageant Director; Jacqueline Matovu, Talent Management Director, former Beauty Queen, Pageant Director and TV Presenter; David F. Roberts, Director of Communication, seasoned Journalist and International Businessman and Sam Onigbanjo, Director of Projects, multiple award winner, Entertainment Expert, Writer, PR, Marketing and Management Consultant.

Starlywood Founder & CEO Richard Tchoutezo

Starlywood will work with contestants aged 18 years and over in the UK and abroad mainly through a series of competitions that will run every year. The categories will include: Singing, Acting and Modelling. REGISTRATION begins Saturday March 3rd and ends 16th April 2012. The first 100 entrants will be FREE. Free entry ends at midnight on Sunday 4th March. A nominal fee will be charged for registration from Monday 5th March 2012. Identified talents from these competitions will be nurtured through the Starlywood Training Academy and Boot Camps with renowned celebrities and industry experts and the provision of global media opportunities to ensure global success. Following the summer competitions the Starlywood Grand Finals will be held on Saturday 22 Sept 2012.

As Starlywood gathers momentum over the coming months, singing, acting and modelling talents around the country and abroad will be engaged for an unprecedented opportunity to be nurtured, moulded and presented to an international audience. The best talents will compete to win record breaking value prizes ranging from £10,000, £25,000 and £50,000 in each of the categories for singers, actors and models in addition to a talent contract in their respective fields. The stars from these competitions will enjoy a busy life of training, mentoring and coaching from successful international celebrities, local and international performances, exposure and travel, radio and television appearances for an entire year until the next competition in 2013.


Kayisha –  07932693350

Theodora –  07943823292

David –  07508142478                                            

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