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| October 16, 2011

Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

We have not been hearing much from the Energy God (no pun intended) lately.  However we have been hearing much about him.

From unpaid taxes, to stealing energy, to the most recent one, owing over a million dollars for designer clothing, Ele just seems to be in really deep.

Could it be that the Energy God is in some kind of financial problem because all his problems seem to be related to money these days.  Earlier this year, his luxury vehicle was confiscated by the tax collectors for unpaid taxes.

That case has not yet been resolved.  Then months later, the shocking news hit the entertainment industry that the Energy God was stealing energy from the Jamaica Public Service (JPS).

Then it was reported on, On The Ground News Report (OGNR), a news page on Facebook that the entertainer owed a well known fashion designer over a million dollars for designer clothes and the designer was threatening to sue.

It was subsequently reported on Zip fm that Elephant Man, whose birth name is Oniel Bryan narrowly escaped a lawsuit as he paid half million dollars of his debt. (Phew…close one Ele).

Entertainer Elephant Man

A series of events like this one causes people’s thoughts to go wild.  I am waiting for the rumors to start that Elephant Man is broke or has gone bankrupt or something to that effect.

And if those rumors were to start circulating, it would be hard not to believe unless you are close to the situation (Elephant Man) and know differently.

My word of advice to the DJ is, start do back some good tune youth…and no pirated tracks please.  I am tired of those, especially the obvious ones.

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