Sting Review: Black Ryno wins; Beenie Man unhappy

| December 28, 2013
Kerran CaribDirect staff writer

Staff writer – Kerran Monroe

In Jamaica news. So Sting 2013 is over and according to various reports and Sting goers; this staging was a success.  Living up to the media hype; Sting got the turn out and the artistes delivered.  So here is a run-down.

So of course there were the two clashes that everyone is still talking about. Macka Diamond got massacred by Lady Saw, while Black Ryno ambushed Kiprich to take the Clash King title and 3 million JMD.

So the Doctor, Beenie Man, only got twenty minutes to perform.  He was not too happy with this short time slot and in true Beenie Man style; he was very vocal about his displeasure.  He used most of his twenty minutes to complain about only getting twenty minutes.  It would appear as if he prepared songs that expressed his displeasure.

Sting 2013 winner - Black Ryno. Photo courtesy

Sting 2013 winner – Black Ryno. Photo courtesy

Moving on to the foreign acts; according to reports, Wyclef delivered well; but 2 Chainz, however; his performance was more on the lukewarm side.  Apparently he and Beenie Man had the same complaint; too little time.

Tommy Lee did a less active set, due to his injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.  He was however well received by the crowd.  D’Angel, though not booked for the show, took part in Beenie Man’s less than sufficient twenty minutes; and also performed with Ninja Man; showing a little more than we expected to see; playing on the scandal surrounding her wardrobe malfunction at an event recently where her lady parts were on display.
Sting 2013 was a very eventful affair; and from watching the highlights, I think it is safe to say that it was a good production in terms of stage and lighting.

In terms of the acts, the promoters got it mostly right, with a mixture of veterans such as Major Mackerel and Super Cat and the more modern acts.  They could have saved the 2 Chainz appearance fee and added to the cash prize for the clash.  That is all.

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