Stop Negative Thinking

| February 3, 2018

If you stop complaining you’ll start profiting on your work.
That’s what writer Andrew Thomas believes and I agree.

He lists four ways to stop negative thinking before it starts. What’s your thoughts on these?

1. Research suggests if adults sleep seven to nine hours each night, you’re likely to look at things in a positive light as you’ve rested better. Nothing new here. I can’t say it works for me, but then I rarely sleep seven hours…more like four or five.

2. Using the rubber-band trick on your wrist every time you complain. Well, I’ve used that trick when I want to forget something I don’t want to remember. I’ve got to the stage that just thinking about using the rubber band stops the negative thought – It stings so much that I don’t need to feel it to remember it!


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Delia has been credited with creating a more intimate confessional form of media communication and to have influenced the way talk shows in the Caribbean can influence the lives of others.

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