Caribbean And The City – Summer Nightmare!

| October 31, 2011

Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

In August of this year, I met this man at a party and we subsequently started dating.  We dated smoothly for about a month before tragedy struck.

About a week before the incident, he invited me to two events which were supposed to take place Friday and Saturday.  These events were a fish fry and a party respectively.

The Friday night, he came to pick me up as usual.  First he took me to a basketball match in which he played which took place at the National Stadium.  After we left the stadium, we headed to Portmore, St. Catherine where the fish fry was taking place.

Upon our arrival we were informed that the food had finished, so we left and drove back into Kingston where he bought us something to eat.  He subsequently, drove us back to his place where he proceeded to seduce me.  I made it clear that I was not in that mood.  But this man apparently told himself, prior to picking me up that he had to bed me that night, as he just kept going, using all sorts of tactics to try to get me to ‘give it up’.  When everything else failed he resorted to drastic measures.  Yes you guessed it; he tried to force himself onto me.

Luckily I managed to fight and keep him off of me.  When he realized that he was not succeeding he stopped and got really angry and I began crying.  He then began to curse me out, telling me how he had done everything and asked me what I was doing for him.  He then grabbed his keys and was heading out the door and I asked where he was going.  He then gave me an ultimatum.

Could this be You!?

He told me that if I did not have sex with him he would not be taking me back home that night.  I began to fret, as it was really late.  I am talking after 2am.  I then started to think about the situation I had gotten myself into.  I started to feel weak all over and scared and wanted to get home and out of this situation really badly.  So I just told him fine I would do it.

But as he touched me, I felt disgusted, dirty and very uncomfortable, and then I came to my senses and told him I would not do it.  But I still had to get home so I started to beg him to have a heart.  (This was the lowest point of my life because a girl like me doesn’t beg anybody.)  But this man was as cold as the North Pole.

However, somehow I regained my strength and got back into myself.  I told myself screw this jackass.  I just kindly told him to just let me get my purse which I had left in his car.  He went with me to his car and gave it to me and drove off.

Not long after, I saw a taxi and stopped it.  Just as I was about to enter the taxi, he drove up beside the taxi and stopped as if to call me in his car.  I responded by going into the taxi and shutting the door, then he drove off.  While I was in the taxi I just kept thinking to myself how you never really know people.

Come back next time to see what happened after I got home.

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