| August 16, 2011

Staff Writer Nyasha Watson

Why exactly is it that single ladies find married men attractive. I mean physically some of these men are quite hideous, and I am being nice, really.

Maybe, because these men are already attached then they know it is impossible for them to be cheated on. Thus they are sure of the ‘package’ that they are getting. Some women may be attracted to the idea of being a seductress; that is that they have the ability to intrude on someone else’s property.
Some women are just lazy. They will have the man but not the responsibility of taking care of the man. That is to say that they will have the relationship with the man but the wife will be responsible for cooking, cleaning etc. Some women do it for the special rewards that they receive. It is no secret that some married men are interested in younger women, who are sometime still in college.

Thus the financial stability that these men offer can be quite convenient.

Cleopatra-The immortalised Seductress

Finally, some women are just plain bad mind. They do not like to see other women happy. Thus they will form relationships with these men just to create misery. Whatever the reason, a lot of married men are having relationships with other women outside of their marriage.

I have just outlined some of the negative reasons for having a relationship with a married man.

In part two, I will outline the ‘positive’ reasons to have a relationship outside the marriage and ask the question if it is possible to have a legitimate relationship with a married man. What are your thoughts on this…?

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