The Moment

| January 10, 2013
Donnelle Christian - Author

Donnelle Christian – Author

I wrote this poem in 2005 and I will let the words speak for me this week. Let me know your thoughts, here goes:

Nine years now, story’s old

Still I remember like yesterday, how it was told

I now realize you’re no ordinary woman

‘Cause I imagined it was a moment, superhuman


He called for you, as if he knew

He asked for tea, it was your cue

You watched him sip the brew

then, you knew


Eyes met, as if for the first time

An unspoken “I love you” diffused through his gaze

You held his hand, though felt like winter days

Unheard bells begin to chime

as his smile grew fade

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Photo courtesy:

and his eyes, like sunset

glimmer amazing colours under the shade

of blinking eyelids, going down yet


He didn’t want you to witness the last hurrah together

So, laying on what may have felt to him like a floating feather

he sent you back for more

This time, the moment, encore

A gasp of fate

just as you came back, too late

I imagined he clung to the image of you as long as he could

then slowly sketched you in his mind, as he should,

the children in glee

then the baby, me


I believe that was the last picture he framed

when he seized the moment, famed

The moment that seized, sad,


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