| January 24, 2012

Staff writer - Kerran Monroe

Here is the final set of nominees for The Star’s People’s Choice Award

Worst Dressed Male – Fambo, Tanto Blacks, Vybz Kartel, L.A. Lewis and Elephant Man are the nominees and I must say apart from Fambo I believe that all the other nominees are more than qualified for this category.  I say except Fambo because, although he dresses like a teenager, that still does not really make him badly dressed, just immaturely dressed.  Vybz Kartel just made some bizarre fashion choices, from the braids to the braces to those extremely large T-Shirts; he was just the poster boy for fashion don’ts.  L.A. Lewis, enough said.  Tanto Blacks just dresses like the mad man people perceive him to be.  As for Elephant Man I can see why he did not pay his designer.  I mean I, too would probably refuse to pay for such fashion blunders called clothes.  With all that said, the winner is a tie between Tanto Blacks and Vybz Kartel.

Tanto Blacks

Worst Dressed Female – For this category The Star, nominated, Lisa Hyper, Pamputtae, Spice, Macka Diamond and Alaine.  Why Alaine though?  I mean, only her hairdo is off most times but in terms of her dressing I don’t really see much of a problem.  As for Lisa Hyper, her dressing is most time just really outrageous and really risqué but I would not put her in this category.  Pamputtae has been getting some lashes for her bold fashion statements with leotards.  There also have been talks about her needing a makeup artist.  Spice’s dressing is also outrageous but I have always held the view that Spice dresses like a nouveau riche.  Macka Diamond needs to dress her age.  They say you are as old as you feel but what they forgot to say is that you should dress as old as you look.  With that said I am having a difficulty naming the winner as this is a really tough category.

Controversial Artist of the Year – And the nominees are, Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel Flippa Mafia, Bounty Killer, Buju Banton.  Hands down to Vybz Kartel for this category.  From the X Rated pictures to the lecture at the University of the West Indies to the braces to the braids to the bleaching, the court case and Teacha’s Pet, controversy is just endless where this artist in concerned.  The other nominees maybe have like one or two controversies for the year.  This man has a controversy for each month it seems.

Comeback Artist of the Year – Nominated for this award are, Cham, Fambo, Mr. G, Gyptian and Wayne Marshall.  Well Wayne Marshall never really went anywhere, and neither did Gyptian.  Well Gyptian had been off the radar for a few months but not long enough to have made this category.  As for Mr. G, his comeback was last year or the year before, when he clashed with L.A, Lewis.  So that leaves Cham and Fambo.  And the award goes to Fambo.   He had many hits this year, from This Life to Swaggin, to Wedding Crasher.

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