Ukip Showman Winston McKenzie ‘out for the count’

| March 12, 2015

World news. He became one of the most high profile figures in Ukip after organising the party’s disastrous ‘carnival of colour’ and comparing Nigel Farage to Jesus. But Winston McKenzie has finally been sacked from his job as Ukip’s Commonwealth spokesman after a series of gaffes that included calling Croydon a ‘dump’ while being the candidate there.

Winston McKenzie, former Ukip official. Photo courtesy

Winston McKenzie, former Ukip official. Photo courtesy

The former professional boxer who describes himself as ‘not your average politician’ said he was ‘dismayed’ and ‘disappointed’ by the decision. He told the Mail: ‘You get these things in politics when the leader has a little reshuffle. ‘I’ve had a very good run and thought I was doing pretty well with it, but bigger people than me have been moved around jobs. ‘You look at the Tory party and Michael Gove. He was doing a fantastic job as education secretary and was moved on. It’s a bit of a shock to the system.’

While standing for Ukip in the 2012 Croydon North by-election, Mr McKenzie described gay adoption as ‘tantamount to child abuse’ and ‘unhealthy’. Then after Mr Farage pulled out of appearing at a ‘Ukip carnival’ he had organised there last year, Mr McKenzie said the town was ‘unsafe and a dump’.

In his most recent controversy, Mr McKenzie earlier this month said he was ‘disillusioned’ and ‘dismayed’ about former boxing promoter Frank Maloney’s sex change to become Kellie Maloney. Mr McKenzie, who refers to Mr Farage as ‘The Guv’nor’, denied that his sacking was related to his comments.

He said: ‘The one thing with the Guv’nor is he’s very frank with me. If he is upset, you know about it. I don’t think it’s the fact that I’m outspoken. ‘When that news broke about Kellie, I called The Guvnor and said “Nigel look at what’s happened”.

‘He was of the same opinion as me, that it’s his life and he has got to do what he has to do, but everybody was surprised. I wish Kellie the best.’ Despite his reputation for bizarre television appearances, including wearing sunglasses during an interview on the BBC’s Newsnight last year, Mr McKenzie said that he had given media training to others in the party.

He said: ‘I ran classes for a lot of the Ukip candidates. I’ve given them help on how to perform. I’ll give them confidence.’ Mr McKenzie said that he had been told that he was being sacked in a telephone call from Ukip chairman Steve Crowther on Monday.

He said he had tried to speak to Mr Farage about the decision, but he had told him he did not have the time. ‘I spoke to him briefly and asked “what’s going on?”, but he said “I’m really busy at the moment, I will call you”.

Winston McKenzie, former Ukip Commonwealth Spokesman and leader Nigel Farage. Photo courtesy

Winston McKenzie, former Ukip Commonwealth Spokesman and leader Nigel Farage. Photo courtesy

‘I’ve got no real bone to pick with Farage. He’s an honourable type of guy, a good leader. No doubt we will speak in a few days and have a sparring session.’ He added: ‘I cannot say I’m not gutted, I’m not going to pretend, but at the same time I’m extremely loyal to the Guv’nor. This is the way that politics goes.

‘Getting this Commonwealth spokesman job was the best thing that ever happened to me really, at least in my political life. It led me to meet High Commissioners and Ambassadors of the Commonwealth. ‘It’s a bit of a shock to the system, but you have to follow the Guv’nor. I’m a little bit dismayed by it all, but I’m happy if it’s better for the party.’

Mr McKenzie, who said he will remain as a Ukip candidate at the General Election, is also hoping to stand for London Mayor for the party. He said: ‘My main ambition in politics is to become the Ukip London mayoral candidate. It is up to the party. I’m sure another post will come.’

Mr McKenzie, who said he has never experienced racism from within Ukip, denied that there was now a lack of high-profile ethnic minority figures at the top of the party. He said: ‘It’s quite clear that there are a growing number of black people participating in the party.

‘I believe I’ve done an awful lot for the party in getting support from the black community. They are more Ukip friendly than when I came into the party.’ Mr McKenzie joined Ukip after previously being a member of the Conservatives, Lib Dems and his own Unity party. He has stood to be an MP, Mayor of London and a local councillor, but lost his deposit on every occasion.

He made a rap video during his 2008 campaign to be Mayor of London and previously auditioned for the X Factor. West Midlands MEP James Carver has been appointed as the party’s new Commonwealth spokesman. Mr Farage said: ‘I am delighted to appoint Jim to this role.

‘It is part of the growth ensuring that UKIP has a full and energetic team going forward to the election and beyond.’ Article courtesy

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