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| November 27, 2012

Staff Writer – Katrin Callender

It’s a scene that we’ve all seen in the movies. The hero looks at this daunting task that will make him or break him. And he feels powerless and small. A bead of sweat rolls down his face and into his eyes, mixing with tears of frustration.

Then he clenches fists and is resolute. Despite the sickening feeling in his gut, he will persevere. There is much at stake and he knows that giving up is not an option.

But what if the obstacle to conquer is not external? What if the terror you feel within is not inspired by a person or thing that may be beaten, but instead comes from a seemingly all-consuming force within.

There is another beast that constantly threatens a person’s peace of mind if not kept in check.  This vicious creature is known as Doubt. And unlike the villains who seek to strip those who possess much of their possessions, Doubt gnaws at the rich and the poor alike.

We may easily run the gamut of emotions when we feel slighted or otherwise insulted by another.  Then there are those instances where we undervalue ourselves. Who do we complain to in those moments? Who is the authority to whom we may plead the case of our worth?

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It is a sad truth that many of us endure the abuse of others. It is equally as tragic that we allow it because we fail to see our own value and do not perceive the injustice as injustice, or worse, believe we deserve it.

I was disappointed when I realized I had been accepting such behavior from others, and not standing up for myself.

I was saddened when I learned that I had very little faith in myself and did not see my own worth.  However, I was happy that now that I could see the problem clearly- I would be able to start working on it.

Have you ever felt like you were not worth the attention or accolades you received? Take heart. You certainly are! We all have a unique combination of genetic information, experience and abilities, which makes us special.

And now that you know why you have felt so low or allowed persons to be unkind, you can begin to strategize how to put an end to it. You are now empowered to shape a wonderful life for yourself.

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