What Caribbean women really want!

| October 17, 2011

Growing up with three older brothers, who I am always around, made me think of myself as one of the guys. From adolescence to becoming an adult, I have very few female friends, most of my friends are males and my best friend is a male. Yes, it is possible for an individual to have a best friend of the opposite sex and be totally platonic but that is not the topic here. Even though I am viewed as one of the one of the “brethrens”, I
am still a woman. They request my womanly opinion or suggestion on issues and advice on what is deemed appropriate in a given scenario. The most famous question asked is what do women really want?

I honestly think that the answer to the question is one that isn’t based on the gender divide but rather on individualistic personality, taste and character. There are women who know what they want in a man, those who think they know what they want and those women who know they know what they want. However, some find it difficult to find it all wonderfully packaged in one man as the list of wants may be so idealistic
and long that it may not be pragmatic.

Nonetheless, there are the given basics that women want which are similar qualities that men look for in a potential mate or spouse. First of all, physical appearance and practice of good personal hygiene is a must as it is what first catches the attention. It says I care about how I look and take care of myself. Forget the whole bit about it’s what on the inside that counts. Who is going to go to the trouble of finding out what is on the inside if the outside is a turn off?  A wonderful pearly white smile, (dimples would be a plus in my book) fresh breath, clean clothes and hair neatly combed in whatever style the owner chose. Whether it is cornrows, Mohawk or a simple fade with a little more on top.

We all want attention but don’t want so much of it that it feels like stalker mode. A dear friend of mine had a boyfriend who she had to take everywhere. He was given the alias Rottweiler.  Having a night out with your homeboys will diminish your fun when your cell phone rings every five minutes for an updated report. Being overly attentive is derived from insecurity and that my friend is an ugly unwanted attribute on either sex but social custom has made it more so for a male.

Man proposing to Ms Right...?

The usual bland requisites of honesty, integrity, sensitivity, romance and caring enters every woman’s mind but let’s face it, no human being is perfect and possesses all these attributes rolled in one. Unless we start designing our own mate, all the ideal traits aforementioned are rarely, if ever, present in one human being. Perfection for a human being is unattainable as the good Lord intended it. Perfection means flawless which
equals boredom and monotony and it is not human. It is imperfection that gives us that little burst of variety from life’s daily humdrum and adds some spontaneity.

I believe that women want what men want. Being happy with that special someone who understands and appreciates you for you. Your habits, ambitions, likes, dislikes, flaws are all defined by individual traits. The catch is to find someone who appreciates all your components. So,
if you are the quiet, stay at home type, don’t hook up with the party hardy person who has all the main social events marked on the calendar. If you don’t have the bankroll to keep Ms High maintenance happy, then don’t try to step to her in the VIP section in the club. If you can’t handle Ms Independent who makes more in a month than you do in a year, then no disrespect, just step aside now.



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