What to do when the boss is picking on you?

| February 14, 2012

Staff writer - Nyasha Watson

It is a given that we are living in a very stressful world. Some people are more now than ever easily irritated and often very moody. Thus it can be quite uncomfortable to be around people who are like that especially if they are your employer.

A friend of mine was recently telling me about her experience with a very rude and verbally abusive supervisor.  He would continually shout out his instructions to the general staff and if a member of his staff is to make an error; then this would automatically mean a deduction in salary.

She told me of this one incident where his secretary misspelled something on a letter that he was supposed to sign and he asked her to replace the paper out of her pocket. Of course, I began to laugh because this seemed trivial to the point of being ridiculous. And quite frankly, I told my friend that she was telling a lie on the supervisor because not only is it silly, but I doubt that it is legal.

None the less, it is a reality that the bosses do pick on some of their staff. So what do you do if you are one such person where the boss is picking on you? Well, it is not wise to get into an argument with the boss because there is the possibility where he can fire you.

Boss from Hell

Also it is also not wise to walk off ones employment because of the tough economic climate that we are currently living in. That is to say that it is not a guarantee that one will get immediate employment and also the boss may not write a favourable recommendation of you to your potential employer.

Thus, I will recommend that if you are working for an abrasive person, then you must try as best as possible to remain professional. And if you have a Human Resource Department, then you can lodge an internal complaint.

And if neither of those worked, then you must use your own initiative to be comfortable in your working environment.  And remember that rude and abrasive persons are all around us; this one just gives you a paycheck at the end of the month.

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