What to Look For in a Catering Company

| May 10, 2020

Whether you are planning a birthday party, feeding the people attending your workshop, or buying pre-packed meals for your volunteers, you need to find a reliable catering company to make hungry tummies happy. You need a caterer to provide delicious dishes that will tickle everyone’s taste buds.

At the same time, these meals must also be nutritious enough to meet daily dietary requirements, while also addressing food allergies and other types of intolerance. With several catering companies in the market today, it may be overwhelming to pick one reliable service. Here are some elements you must consider when you are selecting the caterer to hire.

Gauge Their Responsiveness

Assess how your prospective caterer responds to you during your initial meeting. This is a good indication of how they will perform. Of course, you want someone attentive to your needs. Caterers exemplify this by quickly returning calls and swiftly replying to emails. This goes to show that they are motivated to help you by providing the best service.

Your caterer should also be asking about your preferences during the consultations. They should also be interested in finding out more about your event, including your budget, goals, number of participants, and venue. Only with these details, they can make recommendations if you should do a buffet, a sit-down dinner, or a boxed meal. After finding out all the crucial information about your event, they will make the necessary preparations to ensure a successful service.

Ability to Handle Your Specifications

Caterers have a broad range of specialities. In the same token, no two events are exactly alike. You need to research various catering companies to determine if they have the capabilities to meet your requirements. Some caterers specialise in weddings, while others shine when it comes to smaller, intimate gatherings. Some caterers are skilled in serving large conferences where they can prepare pre-packed meals in boxes with fruits, the main course, the dessert, and even a drink.

On the other hand, some are experts when it comes to doing company barbeques and luaus. Remember, different events require varied food preparation and presentation, so you need to interview several caterers to find the one who has the skills and tools to fit your specific function.

Willingness to Provide Menu Options

Most caterers have their standard menu offerings to choose from. Some caterers are very much willing to work with you and your budget, so they offer you more flexibility. They will even work to accommodate your theme, so if you’re looking to go Mediterranean, Spanish, or Balinese, they can craft a menu to suit your party.

These professionals will also adjust their meals to accommodate allergies, dietary modifications, food intolerance, vegetarian preferences, and religious restrictions. They will even give a kid’s menu if necessary. If a caterer is not willing to adapt their menu, be very wary. Reputable caterers are always ready to revise their menu proposals to complement your purpose and needs. After all, you are paying for their service.

Upfront About Details and Pricing

Reputable caterers will spell out what food, drinks, and other services they will be providing for you. This will also include the number of servings in your contract. The price will also be explicitly stated, so you don’t get surprised when your bill comes.

Your catering contract will be detailed to protect both your interests. It will also outline details regarding cancellations, add-ons, clean-up, or what to do with the excess food. The terms of your contract will be clear to prevent any misunderstanding and ensure your event is smooth and successful.

Final Word

Never underestimate the power of food because they can affect people’s mood. Your chosen caterer can make or break your event. The quality, flavour, and presentation of your food and beverage can create a lasting impact on the guests you serve. Bad catering will always send your guests home early. Always go with an excellent caterer because you don’t want your guests to go “hAngry”.

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