What’s the relationship between violence and dancehall?

| October 9, 2013
Kerran CaribDirect staff writer

Staff writer – Kerran Monroe

In Jamaica news. Yet again, another member of the dancehall fraternity is dead due to gun violence.  Popular dancehall producer Partick “Roach” Samuels was shot dead in St. Andrew recently.  This led to speculations as to the involvement of another member of the fraternity.  Being in jail on murder charges and having an alleged feud with the deceased, of course it was no surprise when rumor started circulating that Vybz Kartel was somehow involved in the murder of Roach.

The late Copper Cat. Photo courtesy www.iriefm.net

The late Copper Cat. Photo courtesy www.iriefm.net

Furthermore, it seemed that even the police got caught up in this rumor mill; as the murder of Roach led them to Vybz Kartel’s cell.

With so many members of the dancehall fraternity being, killed; and worse; these murders are being blamed on fellow fraternity members; it begs the question; are these artistes/producers/dancers really involved in criminal activities?  Are there artistes who are supplying criminals with the ammunition needed to create havoc in society?  Are these artistes really just dons hiding behind a microphone?

Let us take a look back.  In early 2000 popular dancer, Bogle was gunned down and killed.  This incident was blamed on dancehall artiste, Beenie Man and fellow dancer John Hype.  Some may argue that John Hype was never able to revive his dancing career since then.  As for Beenie Man, his life was being threatened as a result of the death of Bogle aka Mr. Wacky.  Neither of them was even able to attend the funeral due to the fear for their lives.  Then after that another dancer, Ice was also shot and killed.

Fast-forward a few years after that, Oniel from Voicemail and upcoming artiste Copper Cat were killed in the same year.  Also in that year, Mad Cobra was also shot and injured.

Now Vybz Kartel charged in two counts of murder; of those charges has since been dropped.  Then there is the latest incident with Roach.

If you ask me those are just too many incidents of violence surrounding dancehall’s core participants to not justify speculation of a sinister relationship between dancehall and violence.

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