Where Do You Work Best?

| February 3, 2018

I’ve been asked many times how I remain organised. The answer is a simple one but harder to stick to.

I schedule by priority, then before I do the work, I check that it is still the priority as other things could have developed since the time I scheduled – then I do it!

Sometimes, though, it’s not that easy as I don’t “feel like” doing what needs to be done! Times like this I rely on my natural instinct – knowing that it would probably take me hours to complete the work because I don’t “feel like it” and that it won’t be my best work. When I “feel like it” – it happens quickly and I enjoy the work.

I work longer hours when I work from my home office than anywhere else. I wake earlier, I concentrate with no interruptions – apart from the reminders that pop up on my computer – I really have to learn how to stop those when I’m working.

Also, I turn off my phone during the priority task if it’s really urgent, and send a group signal to my family and friends so they know I’m incommunicado (they know how I can be reached in an emergency.)

How do you work best? Share with me on delia.dolor@caribdirect.com

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About the Author (Author Profile)

Delia Dolor is an all-round media professional. She produces and presents television, radio and live shows. She is also a public speaker, magazine and print editor.
Delia has been credited with creating a more intimate confessional form of media communication and to have influenced the way talk shows in the Caribbean can influence the lives of others.

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