WHOSE THAT GIRL?! The Art Of Creating The Good First Impression

| January 13, 2012

“Hey girl, come here” he shouted across the road. Seriously, this guy is not trying to get my attention or my digits by shouting a command across the street like he is speaking to his pet that he is trying to train to heel. I stopped, looked at him and shook my head from side to side and stated “lame so very lame, psshhh,” walking away with my right hand flicking backwards at the wrist in a curt goodbye, not even worth my time motion.

Gentlemen, listen up, this is not the way to make a first impression to get a woman’s attention and certainly not her number. This is equivalent to walking up to me, bash my head with a club and drag me back by my hair to the cave. This is the 21st century where men need to be creative, subtle and suave in approaching a woman.

The old adage rings true that first impression lasts. If you want to get those digits, you need to be confident, cool and find creative ways of breaking the ice. For example, you are at the mall and you see a particular lady catches your eye. Create an opportunity to hold the door open for her saying ladies first with your best smile and allow her to enter then follow. If she smiles at you and thank you for doing so then you may say you’re welcome and follow up with introducing yourself. First impression is important but it is also important to note reaction which signals taking the next step.

A good first impression could equal a smile

Never use corny, old repetitive lines like “heaven must be on holiday as you are an angel on earth” or “baby you look good but you would look even better with me beside you.” Use your personality and your own creativity for conversation starters. Compliments do not work on everyone but as long as it is genuine and there is a follow up then you stand a better chance.

All in all, when approaching a woman, just be you, be confident, and express yourself in a coherent, pleasant manner. Try not to be intimidated by thinking that you will fail to get a response or she won’t like you, if that happens then it is not meant to be and there are plenty more fish in the sea. Try not to flash your bling or swag to impress a woman. If she is easily impressed by seemingly, the depths of your pocket then you are headed straight for superficial town and that doesn’t make for a long lasting meaningful relationship.

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