Why try to buy love?

| October 6, 2012

Staff Writer – Katrin Callender

They say it don’t cost a thing. While it’s possible that they say this merely because it makes for a catchy lyric, there is some truth. Love should come freely; there should be no strings attached. But between the ever-growing sex industry and other liaisons which enjoy benefits that are not only physical and emotional, but financial as well, one wonders if love can and should be bought.

In the media and in real life we often spy a young woman with an older, “established” man. While the reverse has been seen, even before the term “cougar” was used for the first time, it seems less prevalent. I don’t judge anyone, for having an older or a younger partner.

If it suits, it suits. Yet, people observe these couples keenly, seemingly looking for proof that the relationship exists solely because of a monetary benefit for one partner, usually the younger. If the couple claims that theirs is true love, the burden of proof lies with them- though they should never have to justify their love to anyone, let alone the public.

Ironically, some people do not know that they are buying love. Not for many years. Gift giving and sharing are among the elements of our culture taught to our young. And it is easy to see how a little one might become confused and think that gifts must always be material- and so their worth to their friends is calculated by the things they give.

Paying for love. Courtesy jezebel.com

I myself fell into this trap as a little girl. Thankfully, I learned that this was erroneous before it altered my outlook. This trap could have made me feel less than I am. But even as materialistic persons befriended me just to see what they could get, I was blessed with good friends too.Among the greatest gifts I gave myself was deciding to make some of my presents. Little bookmarks and cards were soon going to friends, and the best among them, did not write these gifts off as cheap or worthless. Instead, they praised my ingenuity and creativity, and taught me something else: that I was meant to create things of beauty.

I might not be an artist without these very pleasant memories. And so I thank the ladies who befriended me as children. Scattered across the world though we may be, we were so good for each other once upon a time.

Even if the sex industry continues to thrive, and persons continue to place money above the needs of their fellow man, I pray that everyone knows what it means to be loved just for the sake of it, just for who you are- even if it is just at one time. It makes such a difference in the world to know that you are the source of someone’s smile, with or without a bank account.

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