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| May 26, 2012

Scratchylus promotes conscious and educational messages in his songs. He seeks to uplift, enlighten, create awareness, and spread the word of true love through Word Sound and Power.

1. So who is Scratchylus?

Scratchylus is an artist who uses WORDS, SOUNDS and POWER to create awareness of corruption and injustices,and to enlighten and  uplift.

2. So you’re in Jamaica at the moment on your promo tour- How’s it going?

It’s going excellent, I am playing at least 5 times a day on the major radio stations. I have done interviews and created interest and awareness, I am also performing on many shows.

I have also done recordings with International Artists: Marie-Claire,Bushman and Fredlocks. I have also appeared on Muttaburuka, Ron Muschette and Ras Micheal Radio shows. And I have recently finished recording my video for Smash hit single with Bushman A TRUE

3. What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the music business?

My biggest challenge has been getting the right Production, around my words, now that I’m in Jamaica, that challenge has been met.

4. What are your thoughts on Reggae in 2012?

Reggae is going to take a major step forward to Acoustic Real Riddims and Roots Music, with Real Rhymes for Real Minds.

5. Who do you Respect in the industry?

I raspect all the legendary artists including Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Ken Boothe, Sugar Minott, Garnet Silk, Sizzla Kalonji, Fredlocks, Also, Inna de Yard – Earl Chinna Smith, Kiddus I, Jhamela, Congos, Kush and Caveman and the Crew.

6. So what’s next for Scratchylus?

Finishing my ALBUM, Performing on shows in Jamaica and UK; including Olympics Festival Jamaica in July-August 2012. I have also

7. Where can we find out more about your music?


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