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| January 30, 2012

Dr Yana Johnson MBE

Saturday came and I was in such a good mood, I went for a run in the blustery park, headphones blaring, saw the odd person walking their dog and pushing their children on the swings, but there was a peace inside from being there, sweaty, out of breath in the open with no pressing issues, no phone ringing and no agenda, at least for the next few hours.

It’s moments like that which I believe if we have more of, we can put things in to perspective and prioritise on what’s important.  Nothing on this earth can move until we are ready otherwise we don’t function to our potential and we must be at peace with ourselves.   Maybe it’s age, wisdom or sense but I encourage you to spend some time alone more often, even if it’s just to go for a walk.

Do you know that it is a luxury to be able to do that nowadays.  Since the day we were born we have been subscribed to the timings of the world.  A time and date is stamped into your records, celebrated every year until no more, but our spirits live in a timeless world, one that society tries to steal putting things into boxes and hindering our gifts and talents closing them up for given ‘moments’ of time and we let this happen by not selecting enough time to sit and think, ponder and allow our gifts to manifest naturally.

Perfect place to spend time with oneself

I say this because when I wrote my first album, I did so to experiment to see if I could write consistently, low and behold it was signed, endorsed and I believed in a gift I wasn’t sure of but had time to play with.  My songs spoke from the heart and were sincere.  You must also be truthful to yourself, despite what others think.  You cannot lie to your own self belief.

Without sounding too philosophical, life is a continuation of seasons and this column is a way of us sharing, exploring teaching and exchanging the best of the lessons we have learned and how as a legacy we can make that knowledge available to others.  Whatever your walk in life.

I am passionate about encouraging people to reach their potential. I begun by pushing fear to one side and that brought amazing results. Some in innocence, ignorance and plain old curiosity.

For those of you who wanna, but just can’t, who dreamt of but just didn’t and for those who yearned to but were hindered.  You will be encouraged by the contents of this column.

So, write in, check in, ask me a question, holla at me with a dilemma or pressing issue, or just to share; and let’s connect. Remember the quickest way is to comment at the bottom of this blog.






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