YANA’S WORLD – International Women’s Month Celebrations

| March 13, 2012

Dr Yana Johnson MBE

Dr Yana Johnson-International Women’s Month Celebrations

As always, I am inspired by so many things this week and if anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing from passion and inspiration.

We are not slaves at all and in many ways I sometimes experience others behaviour from a mindset that has been dictated to by oppression of nothing other than ones mind.

Bob Marley wrote about emancipating yourself from mental slavery and in a time when Jamaica is back on the map in the public eye and trendy again we should do everything we can to celebrate and each one of us be ambassadors of what the colourful country has to offer even as 2nd or 3rd generation Jamaicans who have remained strong, survived slavery and evolved into an international multicultural society.

Prince Harry was reported as saying he was ‘choked’ by the warmth of the people on his recent Caribbean tour.  What we have to offer is a reminder that we too should be under the love spell of who we are.  The bible says in Corinthians that if you have everything but have no love you have nothing. We each have a responsibility to find our own happiness and liberate ourselves to aspire to higher goals.

Yana and Mayor of Wandsworth, Mrs Jane Cooper

I was in the warm company of Mayor of Wandsworth, Mrs Jane Cooper this week, who I recall quoted quite frequently in conversation, ‘I Can, because I am the Mayor’, in other words she uses her authority with integrity to make effective and positive changes with great authority and surety that she knows who she is.

When I acknowledged this and brought it to her attention that her affirmations inspired me, she was delighted.  We all have greatness in us but do not always recognise what we have, yet, rather look at what we don’t have.  Which is a limiting behaviour.

I celebrate Internal Womens Month by encouraging you.  You can, because greatness has been given to you.  It is your legacy, it is in your lineage and survival is in your bones, but don’t choose to survive at the low level. Rise up and aspire to be all you were designed to be.

You Can!

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