Yendi and Chino Preggers

| May 9, 2012

Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

The online social networking scene has been blowing up with reports that first runner up in the 2010 Miss Universe and dancehall, recording artist Chino McGregor are pregnant.  Rumors had been circulating, earlier this year of the two being a couple, but if nothing else confirmed this rumor, this Facebook post from the beauty queen herself sure did;

“17 weeks and counting…I wish we could have shared it earlier but you know they say it’s bad luck to announce too soon. I’m so excited to finally tell you that we have a little ‘McGregor’ on the way!

You know how much I value “you” as you’ve been such a support through my various ventures so I wanted you to know first-hand as this one is perhaps my most exciting to date! I feel truly blessed and am more amazed everyday to experience our creator in such a miraculous and organic way. Seasoned mommy’s, don’t hold back on the advice…hehe *wink* Love, Blessings…and Life :)”.

This post was also accompanied by a picture of the new mother to be showing off her baby bump for the world to see with her hand and what I assume to be her baby daddy’s hand interlocked on the beauty queen’s slightly expanded belly.  See pic below

Since the breaking of the news, social networking site, Facebook has been blowing up with jabs directed at Yendi’s ex boyfriend, Asafa Powell.  One of the jokes read, “I always come first, but when I do it’s not in Yendi.”  Then there are the Asafa Powell fans who are disheartened by the news and then there are the persons who are jus plain ‘hating’.  As for me I have always been and will always bee #teamasafa, however I am still extending my congratulations to the new parents to be.

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