Yendi vs Chino vs the public

| December 23, 2014
Staff Writer - Latoya Wakefield

Staff Writer – Latoya Wakefield

Entertainment news. The world knows Yendi Phillips as first runner-up in the Miss Universe 2010,model, Media personality and Chino as the infamous Freddy McGregor’s son and dancehall artist and both as a couple that gave birth to a beautiful girl.

Now the world has its eyes on the former couple as they’ll battle for custody of their bundle of joy. In October, 2014, it was said by several new outlets  that Ms. Phillips filed in the Supreme Court for full custody of her child with Chino whose real name is  Daniel McGregor.  It is also said that Ms.Phillips is seeking ,000 per month in child support and is requesting that the expenses relating to the child be equally split.

She is also asking that the court grants the Mr. McGregor limited visitation rights which would see him seeing the child two times during the week and once on the weekend. This was passed off as a shock to Mr. McGregor as impressions were made that he is not aware of this.

The Star released this statement from Chino:

“It is unfortunate that when relationships fail the child is often used as a pawn … I won’t bash or give my opinions on the matter, I will only share facts. Firstly, and most importantly, I have not been able to see my daughter for almost five months,” the deejay said.

The deejay further stated; “Calls and texts have gone unanswered; suitcases of toys and clothing have remained unopened because neither I nor my family have been able to gain access to my daughter. Secondly, my attorneys have tried on numerous occasions to reach an amicable resolution to the matter, particularly my visiting rights, all of which have been declined by her.”

Chino in studio. Photo courtesy

Chino in studio. Photo courtesy

He continues:

“Neither myself, nor my lawyer, nor any member of my team has been provided with the documents people keep talking about. Everyone definitely knows I am an extremely private person so I had hoped that in the interest of the child the matter would have been handled with sensitivity,”

Yendi Phillips. Photo courtesy

Yendi Phillips. Photo courtesy

Now the public who adored Ms. Phillips when she ran for Miss Universe in 2010 and even as she co-hosts on Smile Jamaica is not skinning teeth at her when they got wind of this impending custody battle. Ms. Phillips while she got some support for this choice mostly backlash and ridicule is.  Some even saying that Asafa Powell, renowned Jamaican sprinter and also known as Ms. Phillip’s former boyfriend was good to get out when he did.

It is a sad situation looking in from the outside as nobody really wins when a child is involved, especially the child….But as grandma always said “Wha don’t concern yuh leave it alone”. The public needs to stop being so harsh about a situation that they have no inside information on or should concern themselves. Best to pray for the family to pull through and let it be. What are your thoughts?

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