Young Lucian Turns Problem Into Business Opportunity

| July 25, 2017


In 2014, Johanan Dujon a young man from St Lucia, saw an opportunity and founded his company Algas Organics.

To many it was a problem, giant masses of brown Sargassum was washing up on beaches across the Caribbean, leaving mounds of smelly seaweed.

Dujon idea was to convert Sargassum into a biofertiliser through an environmentally friendly process. But initially he faced many challenges with regard to move his idea from a test to the production stage.

The video below highlights some of the steps that this young St Lucia took to finally start his company.

His company now manufactures an organic plant supplement suitable for use on farms and in home gardens. Beyond St Lucia, Dujon’s company has the potential to take his product across the Caribbean.

Dujon is also making his name across the world stage. In April 2017, he spoke at the Earth Optimism Summit 2017 held in Washington, DC.


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