CHIVALRY DEAD? No! Women are just taking it over!

| July 24, 2011

Staff Writer Nyasha Watson

The qualities that are most attractive in a man; is someone who is tall and handsome and naturally he should be a gentleman.

I use the term ‘gentleman’ to refer to a man that is well groomed, speaks politely, opens the door for a lady, pays the bill at a restaurant and so forth.

Unfortunately, these qualities are rarely seen in men of this generation in Jamaica. Let me illustrate how dangerous the lack of gentlemanly qualities can be.

I witnessed a young man who after opening the door for himself, he released the door which hit a young lady in the face. This resulted in the young lady having a broken nose. Obviously, this was an accident. However, if the young man had chivalrous characteristics, then he would have held the door for the young lady.  Also, there is a growing trend where the men are conveniently ‘forgetting’ their wallets when on a date.

Hence, this brings me to argue that women are the one that are being chivalrous towards men.

When the man ‘forgets’ his wallet then the woman has to pay the bill. Also, some woman are actually taking men on dates and paying the bill.

I am seeing a lot of men looking pretty in the front seat of their girlfriends and wives cars. I will say very little about the men that are collecting their weekly allowances.

So, the majority of tertiary students are females; thus they naturally will be getting better paying employment. Therefore, they can treat their boyfriends or husband who enjoys a lesser income. Personally, I have nothing against that. However, it is wrong to say that chivalry is dead, when men are being pampered by their girlfriends and wives.

Nyasha Watson

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