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| March 22, 2012

Staff writer - Kerran Monroe

Whoever said dancehall would be dead without Vybz Kartel was dead wrong.    I have been loving the music, I have been hearing from artists such as Konshens, Popcaan, Mr. Vegas, Potential Kid and others.  The following songs have been ripping up the airwaves and parties alike.

Bad Gyal by Konshens – this song which has a raw and clean version, is about as the title suggests, bad girls.  Konshens in this song, declares that he does not want a submissive woman who “soft and weak inna heart”.  He wants a female who is not afraid to hold him down and take the ‘loving’ if he is not forthcoming with it.

Only Man by Popcaan –this song by the Gaza prefect is about a female who, despite her relationship ties with another man is just madly in love with Popcaan.

Bruck it Dung by Mr. Vegas – first of all I have to say that the rest of Jamaica is very late where this song is concerned, as this song has been out there from about summer of last year.  This is a song that the females can just ‘bruck out’ and get wild to.  With the carnival season upon us, this is also a really good song for that season and I have to say that the ladies in the video did the song justice.

Konshens - Photo courtesy Konshens

A Ya So Nice by Potential Kid – this song has been making waves from late last year and just blew up in the New Year.  Everywhere, in every bus, in every dancehall, and on every street corner, all you can hear is ‘A ya so nice’

Do Somn by Konshens – yes Konshens is making tsunamis on the local music scene with all these hits that are being rotated like the waistlines of the females in the dancehall when his songs come on.  This one is about self-defense.  Letting people know that though he respects everybody, he can still create a storm if he is disrespected by anybody.

Mi like it, di musc scene tun up….a ya so nice!!

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