Friends with benefits: Is sex becoming a Cliché?

| August 29, 2011

Staff Writer Nyasha Watson

The practice of having sex with someone, but only remaining friends with them is becoming very popular.

Thus, is it that sex is getting so irrelevant that two people can just ‘do it’ with no strings attached? Are we saying that sex is now becoming more of a physical action than an emotional connection or commitment?

I know this is a long time ago, but it was once taboo to have sex outside of a marriage.

Really, have we evolved to a point where sex is just another ‘thing’ that two friends can share?  Also, what happens when one of the parties ‘breaks the contract’ and wants more than friendship with the other person?

But the other person is only interested in the physical aspect of the relationship. Is it wrong to want to have an emotional connection with someone that you are having sex with? There the complication comes in, because personally I do not believe that two people can only have physical intimacy.

Are friends allowed to have sex?

Sex is too much of a private and personal act for it to be just that between two friends. I think this arrangement is misleading.
But, hey I might be wrong. What happens if this ‘arrangement’ should end; can the friendship survive or can they return to being just friends?


Nyasha Watson

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