Grenada: PM Mitchell – ‘Man of the People’

| May 2, 2013

PM Keith Mitchell. Photo courtesy

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, April 2013 – GIS: Prime Minister Dr. The Right Honourable Keith Mitchell,hugged, shook hands, tapped shoulders, waved, and imparted words of hope, as well as promised the packed crowds on the streets of Grenville that Government had “no choice but to deliver” on its promises.

Prime Minister Mitchell was in his element that Saturday afternoon, on his message of Hope Caravan, when he took an impromptu walk around the town of Grenville.

The spontaneous “meet and greet” had as its focus, the spillover of thousands of young people on the streets, after they attended the Youth Launch Programme at the new Grenville Bus Terminal.

In snapshot interviews with members of the Media on the walk, the Prime Minister said, he was “emotional, but happy that so many young people came out to register and have a say in their own destiny.” The Prime Minister offered individual words of encouragement and support to many, as they urged him to turn the country around.

He again reminded, that young people are the “focus” of his Administration, and as such, the Government made them a priority in the recent Budget.

Prime Minister Keith Mitchell

Prime Minister Keith Mitchell in a local market with the people. Photo courtesy

On seeing the huge number of unemployed young people, who were desperately clinging to the belief that the Keith Mitchell Administration would help them gain employment, Prime Minister Mitchell again implored the partnerships of government and the social partners, such as the churches, unions, other private sector agencies, in achieving the goal of getting our Nation “back up and running,” and putting people “back out there to work.”

The “meet and greet” around the town of Grenville is a signature of Prime Minister Mitchell, who has always been lauded Locally and Internationally for being a “man of the people,” and one of the few personable, populist Politicians in the Region.

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