Kartel’s corner looks dark!!

| February 1, 2014

Caribbean news. As the Vybz Kartel trial draws closer to an end, we continue to hear even more damning evidence against the five co accused.  The latest pieces of evidence came in the form of voice notes and video.

On January 27, 2014, the court heard the latest voice notes believed to have been sent from Vybz Kartel; suggesting that Lizard is dead.  Those voice notes read:

“Between me n u, a chap Wi chap up di bwoy Lizard fine, fine n dash him weh enuh. As long as u live dem can neva find him”

“Yeah man a mince meat dat.”

“as long as you live Lizard will never be found.”

“Well me tell Shawn say him affi buy dem back. A want tell u say me still gi him a 45 fi watch him head and tell him sey any man missin di same treatment.”

Vybz Kartel. Photo courtesy urbanislandz.com

Vybz Kartel. Photo courtesy urbanislandz.com

Vybz Kartel’s lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson objected to having the voice notes and video being played.  His objection was however over ruled.

There were also more voice evidence which suggested that Kartel tried to flee the island, after the police started investigating the murder of Clive Lizard Williams.  The voice believed to be Kartel sent the following voice notes:

“Dawg a bare [expletives]. Me a go tek weh me self.”

“Pon a boat r sumn. It look serious as [expletives]!!”

“From u a do crime. u ever see forensic get involve like this?”

“Dawg better me have u n leng roun me dawg. And some man jus gwaan play wide receiver star. Me feel better da way deh.”

“If me haffi lef di island faaas. u can assist me?

“U have a link tht can mek me lef di island faaas.”

“Which part the boat a go?”

“Fly go cuba from where?”

“Which boat u can get me pon. bahamas if nuttn?”

“Me nu waant wait till it too hot inuh.”

As for the video evidence which many believe has pretty much sealed up a guilty verdict; the following was heard being said:

“Yow hear weh mi a say.. mi want yo hold him with a knife and stab him in a him neck and slow him down…,” the court heard in the video.

Another man said “…hol him dung mek mi cut him throat…”

“Rocky u hear weh mi a say no, this can kill the man?” the man with the axe asked.

“You affi swing it hard and no mek it ketch mi,” another man respond.

 “Yow hear wa me a say, hold him down and cut him throat. Yo have a ratchet?” one man in the video asked.

“No mi no have no knife, yo have a gun?” another man respond.

It should be interesting to see how the defense will respond.

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