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| March 25, 2012

Staff Writer - Carol Cato

I have been dating Paula for the past 2 years.   I was the Don of the underworld making the dough any how I could.  I was doing well for myself, had the Cars, Rolex, Condos, living in a gated community, children who I adore, money in the bank.  I was invited to the best parties, and had a beautiful woman.

However, I felt that something was missing in my life, couldn’t figure it out.  I felt like there was a hole in my heart that could not be filled.  Isaiah 59:2 NIV I needed something to fill the emptiness, to satisfy the unmet desire. There was a longing in my heart, I tried to fill it with women and drugs, but nothing worked.  All I knew is that I needed to get out of what I was doing as I was not happy. Ephesians 4:18 MSG.  It was time to get a day job, I was getting fed up of ducking and diving just wanted to live a normal life and enjoy my family.   I took myself through University about 7 years ago, I don’t know why, received a Degree in Business & Finance. I was using the skills to ensure I had a good life maybe I’ll use it to find myself a job.  I finally found work with an Investment company, the dough wasn’t bad, ok I lied about what I was doing for the past how many years, but if I have to get legit so be it.

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The job was going great, after a year I was promoted I was now travelling all over the US and overseas.  I was out with one of my work colleagues for a drink he talked about his church, how Jesus died for us.  He invited me to church, “not me, don’t do God”, I told him. He left me a flyer from his church as we were heading home.

On Sunday I woke up beside Paula and just felt the urge that I needed to be in church.  I asked Paula to come to church with me, not sure if she was more shocked of the words coming out of my mouth than I was.  Paula looked at me like if I was nuts and went back to sleep. I jumped out of bed as the urge was too great. I had the flyer in my hand as I headed out to church. The Pastor gave a testimony of his life, I’m  sure he was talking about me, everything he said about his life before his encounter with Jesus  was exactly the same life I had lived.  That shocked me to tears, thank God I had on my shades, church wasn’t finished but I had to get out.

That Sunday for the next few days kept playing on my mind what the Pastor had said.  I knew I had to change my life I started hearing voices coming from me, saying stuff that I could never be thinking.  “I needed to get back to church, I need to know Jesus”.  The following Sunday I was the first at church, didn’t even wake Paula. At the end of service the Pastor asked if anyone wanted to give their life to Christ, I raised my hand.  That day was the beginning of my new life.  My worries were how to tell Paula that our life together will have to change.

When I arrived home I told her that I had given my life to Christ, she didn’t understand, she had never been to church unless, it was a christening, funeral or wedding.  I explained, she asked “would that change us?”  I told her that I would like her to give her life to Christ, but I cannot force her to do that, it would have to be her decision.  I told her that I couldn’t sleep with her any more or any other women unless we were married.

Paula looked at me in horror, she wanted to know what she had done wrong, why would I not want to be with her any more.  I told her that I did want to be with her, but it would have to be with her changing her life.  Paula said that “she was not changing”.  I told her that I had submitted my life to God.  That same moment I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that I needed to leave that house there and then and never to return.  I told Paula I had to leave, that there was too many temptations in the house, she was a fine women, and I was only human.  Paula started to cry, I felt for her, I did not plan this, this is not what I wanted, but I knew that I had to leave.  God’s calling on my life was no coincidence, how long would it take before my time ran out. God had pulled me out at the right time.

Kipper’s Life in Christ continues next week

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