Least Attractive Female Jamaican Artists

| April 17, 2012

As the saying goes ‘sex sells’ and although of course looks have no bearing on the talent of artists it can affect their reception and record sales. Many contemporary Jamaican female artists no doubt use ‘sex’ or overtly sexual content to help push their music and boost their popularity, while unfortunately they’re far less easy on the eye!  Here’s my pick of some of the least attractive female Jamaican artists  (just for fun).

Ouch: Gaza Sheba

Sheba, the Dancehall diva. Hmm, where to start? OK, in my mind I see her as the female Vybz Kartel. As one of the 1st ladies of the Worl’ Boss’s Portmore Empire, Gaza Sheba’s tunes are particularly explicit. She talks of sexual matters with almost the same bravado as Kartel. However, looks wise, I’m not a fan! Sheba is always rocking some crazy hair style, with crazier colours that do not suit her skin tone. The Worl’ Boss needs to get a stylist in for her ASAP!

Nuh Look Good: Gaza Indu




Another Gaza girl (not really a good look for the Worl’ Boss is it?) Indu is not too bad, but it’s more her attire that lets her down. She is always rocking some oversized shades that don’t fit her good! And the pulled back style does no favours for her ample forehead. But hey, as the picture shows, she’s getting money…right?


Scary: Lisa Hyper



Lisa Hyper, formerly ‘Lisa Hype’ and a FORMER Gaza girl (we’re making progress!) Lisa Hype is a bad, bad, bad artists (as in good) and can definitely ‘throw down’ on the mic. Unfortunately, over-the-top hairstyles, excessive tattoos, crazy make-up and a sickly looking frame make her very unattractive. The artist who was controversially expelled from the Gaza camp after ‘violating’ a Gaza law due to her sexual acts is as raunchy as they come – pity her looks don’t match up!





Bun: Macka Diamond

“Hula, hula, hula, hula, hula hoop gyal!” is definitely a classic track from Dancehall’s Macka Diamond, but her ‘classic’ Passa Passa style I’m not as fond of. One thing to notice about Macka is she is a very ‘solid’ woman, bordering on butch… This coupled with the outrageous weaves and make-up are a recipe for disaster I’m sorry to say! I still love you though Macka! (Don’t hurt me lol).

Legend: Lady Saw

Lady Saw – now I grew up listening to this lady (behind my parents back) and she is no doubt the Queen of Dancehall. BUT I wouldn’t date her… And that’s all I’m going to say out of respect.

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