Lorde Hates Reggae Music: Jamaicans Overreact

| March 4, 2014
Kerran Monroe. Jamaica Entertainment Correspondent

Kerran Monroe. Jamaica Entertainment Correspondent

Caribbean news. Recently, 17 year old, Australian Pop artiste made a statement that she hates Reggae music.

According to her, whenever she hears Reggae music, she feels as if she is late for something.  I don’t know what that is saying but Lorde, has a history of sticking her foot in her mouth.

She is notorious for bashing other celebrities.  I guess, she just says whatever is at the top of her head; which one might argue is the teenage thing to do.

The reaction of some Jamaicans however, I found to be very over the top and embarrassing even.  Take the reaction from Dancehall artiste, Spice for example.  Spice was just an inch away from calling Lorde a racist.

Her (Spice’s) reasoning was along the lines of, Reggae music is from Jamaica, which is a predominantly black country.  So is it the music that Lorde hates or is it the people.

Reggae hater Lorde. Photo courtesy www.facebook.com

Reggae hater Lorde. Photo courtesy www.facebook.com

When I read that response, I hung my head in shame as a fellow Jamaican and said thank God this story might not reach further than the Star Newspaper.  It is boneheaded responses like that one why public figures have publicists to speak for them.

As for the rest of Jamaica who attacked the 17 year old girl, by criticizing her

Spice. Photo courtesy jamaica-gleaner.com

Spice. Photo courtesy jamaica-gleaner.com

appearance; it is embarrassing.  It is embarrassing that we (Jamaicans) are so in love with ourselves and everything about us that we can’t handle it when someone doesn’t like something of us for whatever reason.

Get it in your heads Jamaicans, everybody won’t like you, everybody won’t like everything about you.

The girl doesn’t like reggae music; so what? I am sure most of us have some genre of music that we do not particularly like.  For Lorde it’s reggae, for me it’s opera because it just sounds like screaming to me.

Grow some backbone Jamaica, and be mature enough to understand that everyone will not like everything about Jamaica.

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