People are unimpressed with Snapchat’s Bob Marley 420 filter

| April 20, 2016


Snapchat have released a filter dedicated to the late great Bob Marley to coincide with the celebration of 420. For those who don’t know, ‘420’ is marked yearly on April 20th as a celebration of marijuana and the culture that comes along with it.

While the origins of the term and date are often speculated upon, it seems to have originated in California in the 1970s – nothing to do with Bob Marley or Reggae music.

Many are saying that the filter is racist – a glorified opportunity for people to parade in blackface, whilst others say it is a disrespect that Marley is only being celebrated for weed culture and not for his music.

The filter allows you to take a picture or video with Bob’s likeness and also has a number of his hits playing in the background.

What are your thoughts is this wrong? Or just a bit of fun?

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