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| April 28, 2018

I really had to share this comment on Facebook by Dalkeith Charlemagne of St Lucia, based in the UK, regarding sports and Levern Spencer. I know Ambrose, and his talent, so was sad to read this:

“The anthem of St Lucia could have been heard on and at international sporting competitions a long time ago but for the lack lustre attitude of the St Lucian sporting and governmental authorities. The utmost and blatant disrespect that is shown to sportsmen and sports women is mind-blowing when this can be a platform for development of the youth and a career changing moment of achievement for all and sundry, including the ones that hold this back.

Just think we (St Lucia) once were gifted with an athlete named Ambrose from the town of Gros Islet who would beat the Trinidadian Olympic gold 100 meters runner, Hailey Crawford at all their meetings but was never given the help and chance to go to the Olympics.

There was also the St Lucia Veterans Football Club( rip Skip and Pataco) which ventured to Sweden in 1977 & 78 to play in the biggest international youth football cup, but on our return the football authority punished those two men from taking active part in anything relating football run by their authority. Could you imagine if this had continued how many St Lucian born and bred footballers would be scouted to play in the many football leagues the world over?

Oh lease I forget, a team of under 19 footballers representing St Lucia were in the semi- finals of the the Caribbean Youth U19 Football Cup 79/80 and on their way to play Puerto Rico, got on to two planes at G C Airport only to be asked to disembark, as the authorities had not been furnished with a promised cheque from the Ministry of Sports (can’t remember the minister we all went to see and get that guarantee from). All the team got was the nickname Poto Put Off. lol

Levern [Spencer], you have done yourself proud my dear and though you did get a few hand outs over the years, without your determination this gold medal you are now wearing around your neck would not have come to fruition. You have indeed made us a proud people and congrats to you and the immense effort against the odds. This comes to show that with a genuine interest and input by the authorities what can be achieved by any such dedicated individuals in the sporting arena.

So I beg that a fresh and genuine effort is made by our sporting fraternities and government establishments to look seriously into addressing our shortfalls of using sports as a vehicle to the benefit of our youth and country. I have no idea why the brighter future for our youth and country cannot be seen through sporting disciplines or culture and the arts as a matter of fact, but I do beg the powers that be to open up their minds, for even the blind man can see what a great opportunity that has been missed over the many years of successive administrations who have not sort to develop this sporting avenue for the better of country.”


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