Who wants a child? Not me!!

| November 8, 2011

It is the 21st century where women have made strides in gender equality; however there still exist some traditional view on the role of women, especially in the Caribbean.

No longer stay at home mothers, dedicating twenty hours to the care of home, husband and children; they are also contributors to household income.

Caribbean women, no matter how successful in their career and the amount of money they make are seen as incomplete without the doting husband by her side or the off springs she has borne for him.   The role of the superwoman is a daunting one as she has many roles to fill. The role of income earner, mother and wife is a balancing act.

My hat is off to those who do so and more so. However, there is the other side of the coin. There are women who chose quite the opposite.

To be a female, early age or mid thirties, have a great job, looking fantastic single, unmarried and no children is inviting all of society, friends and family wondering what is wrong with you as you have everything but the traditional essentials that makes a woman’s role completely fulfilled.

Then everyone starts developing their own little theories. Here come the invented reasons for the current status quo. She is gay, unable to keep a man due to lacking the right bedroom skills, unable to conceive a child and or last but not least, she is a walking psychotic which shuns every able bodied man that runs for dear life once he gets close enough to know the truth.

Happy career woman

It is rarely that anyone thinks anything else if a woman chose to go the untraditional route as she does not see this role as priority, majorly important to obtain and a definite path to take. Not every woman wants to conceive. This may come as a shock to some but yes, there are women who choose not to be married or to have children.

It is not an easy choice to make as societal conventions place pressure squarely on those who choose to shun them. For all those who question why a woman will choose not to get married or have children, it is the same reason that convinces you to get married and to procreate. Your values, priorities and dreams are as unique as you, the individual who owns them.

It is often quoted that God ordained that men should be fruitful and multiply but that I think that was an edict for Adam and Eve when the world population was just two. The earth’s resources are limited and it is being debated if it is possible for it to sustain so many. Recent studies from the United Nations show that the world population is now at the seven billion mark.

If a woman chooses not to have children, then as an individual she has the right to that decision.

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